Andean Explorer
PeruRail's luxury train between Puno and Cuzco
"To travel on such a train is a privilege ... while at the same time it was a humbling experience ..."
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Appointed in the style of a 1920s Pullman, the Andean Explorer offers a luxurious way to spend ten hours as it click-clacks its way from Puno to Cuzco (or vise-versa).

The onboard entertainment included two Peruvian bands, a dancer and a wool-wrap fashion show, however, as nice as they were, the real entertainment was what we saw beyond the train.

The meals were of the same caliber as the white linen tablecloths and the glassware. 

To travel on such a train is a privilege and we are very fortunate, while at the same time it was a humbling experience as we passed families struggling to put their own simple meals on the table. 

As the train went through towns it announced our arrival and the tracks in front was cleared of makeshift marketplace tents and piles of goods and then was swamped again immediately after our passing.   Some items like apples and oranges were simply left in the space between the tracks (we even saw a set of clay pottery survive the overhead rumble of steel).

At La Raya, the highest point of the trip between Puno & Cuzco, the train stopped to allow passengers to visit the craft stands, the church and take photos of locals (for a fee).  

We arrived in Cuzco after sunset, not anxious for the rail journey to end ... but there were other sights to see and other experiences waiting for us across the tracks.