November 27, 2003

We departed Las Vegas via the same route we entered ... down the famous "Strip"  ... again passing all those familiar names:

Aladdin ...

Flamingo ...

Harrah's ...

Venetian ...

Circus Circus ...

Treasure Island ...

The Bellagio ...

 and Caesars Palace.

Leaving the lights and hustle behind we headed north on Hwy 15.   Shortly after leaving Mesquite, Nevada "the fastest growing small city in America" (a planned adult community) in the rear view mirror, we entered Arizona and set our clocks forward again by an hour.  We just clipped Arizona and then passed into Utah and stayed in St. George.  Struggling with colds ... we called it an early night. 

November 28, 2003

Today was a travel day between St. George and Salt Lake City, Utah with only a couple of stops for gas, necessities and to make advanced reservations.   

As we moved northward and climbed to higher altitudes the terrain changed from flat desert conditions to ... and quite suddenly ... arid mountains ... some now snow capped.   Snow patches lay in shaded areas. 

Further along a light frosting overall. 

November 29, 2003

Booked a second night in our Salt Lake City hotel room and stayed in bed.  Don't know what kind of bug has got a hold of us, but right now it has the upper hand.

November 30, 2003

Still feeling under the weather we left Salt Lake City.  Decided to forsake our plans to go to Wyoming and head home in a more direct route.   We started off on Hwy 15 north and then took Hwy 84 north-west towards Boise, Idaho. 

Shortly after we entered Idaho, we witnessed a real cattle drive as horsemen drove the long trail of cattle up and over the highway's overpass. 

Lots of cattle for miles and miles on open range in a wide valley we passed through.  Have seen more sheep than we have seen elsewhere on this trip.

The radio plays Christmas music and we talk about the joys of being home for Christmas.

In Jerome, Idaho, we stopped at McDonalds for a cone and hot chocolate.  At this McDonalds they serve Seattle's Best Coffee.  How about that, Ange!

The landscape is prairie-like with foothills running north-south, topped by low cloud.  As we approached Boise, the grass covering became thicker and the rolling hills became more distinct. 

We booked into a Boise Comfort Suites and put ourselves back into bed.