October 12 ~ 16, 2003

For five wonderful days we enjoyed family ~ Bryan, Tammie, Tavis and Tyler ....  

... reading ...  ... putting together thanksgiving ornaments ... ... shopping ...
... and enjoying a tea party with ...
 Tavis and Tyler, Ted and Spot.  Tavis poured tea (and held onto the lid), and helped Ted with his tea cup.  Tyler kept conversation going.  Grandpa helped Spot eat his cookie and Gramma helped wiped Ted's face with a napkin.  A very fine tea party it was.
October 17, 2003

We saw Tavis off to school and Tyler off to playschool before we left in the morning driving southwest to Middleton, Nova Scotia.  We had reached the McDonald School Museum by 1:00 when the Archive Department opened. A little information was gathered - which we will have to review after returning home. We made some phone calls to confirm the location of a heritage home that once belonged to Sherrie's great-great-grandfather, Daniel Morrison.

We found out about its existence two years ago but were unable to see it in person at that time. After a short drive back to Wilmot, we pulled into the driveway and asked permission to take pictures.

The house, ca1831, was built by Daniel and was home to himself, his wife, Margaret and their nine children, the youngest being Sherrie's great-grandfather Dr William Sommerville Morrison
The grin on Sherrie's face lasted all the way to Yarmouth where we spent a short night before heading to the ferry terminal.


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