We continue to be amazed by, and most grateful for, the lessons we learn through travel.


When we first started travelling, we’d pack (along with our clothes, toiletries and computer) our preconceived notions, worries and stereotypes; then set forth. With each new adventure, with each new experience and, most importantly, with the people we meet, our preconceptions are challenged, our minds broaden and our dignity humbled. We believe we come home better world citizens than when we left.  We appreciate the people we meet along the way know us but for a brief moment in time and judge us … and perhaps our countrymen … by what we say and do while with them.  We hope we have presented ourselves well and represented Canadians in a caring, polite and proper manner.


For those who are able to travel, we full-heartedly encourage you to do so. If you are able to travel in such a fashion as to get closer to the people, their customs, their beliefs and their food; all the better.


For those who armchair travel with us, we appreciate your company. You are in our thoughts as we encounter new experiences and thank you for your well wishes. Our next trip is in the planning stages … we hope you will again “travel along with us“.